The Oldest picture we have is of a fete at the Conservative Club in 1920.

Club Fete 1920

We have other pictures but no idea whom might be in the photographs ... If anyone has any information please e-mail or let Mark know so we can update the website thanks.

Bowling Club Team 1954

Bowling Club 1954

3 Trophies at Westhoughton Conservative Club

Left To Right ----- Charity Shield (Bolton Wanderers) , -----Rugby League Challenge Cup ( Wigan RLFC), -----The F.A CUP (Bolton Wanderers)

Apparently Their Were 2 More Cups Which Have Not Been Photographed... The Rugby League Title Cup And The John Player Cup...

3 Trophies At Westhoughton Conservative Club

Bowling Club Team Late 50's

Bowling Club

Front Left To Right ----- Donald Hope, - Unknown, - Albert Fothergill
Top Of The Table ----- Charlie Williamson (Club Trustee)
People At The Table Back Row Left To Right ------ Unknown, - Jim Martin, - Unknown, - Tommy Dixon (Captain), - Bob Armstrong
Back Row Left To Right ----- Billy Horrocks, - Unknown, - Unknown

Kids Tea Time 1968

Dinner Around Late 1960's

Bowling Club 1973

1973 Photo

Left To Right ----- Arthur Wroth, - J.P Smith, - Albert Pilkington, - Harry Lovatt, - Mort, - Sam Smith, Stanley Hulton, - Stan Simkin, - George Heavyside,
Front 5 Around The Cup -----Unknown, - Albert Heaton, - Than Chadwick, - Unknown, - Billy Hurst,

Bowling Club Team 1974

1974 Photo

Around the Table Left To Right ----- Albert Pilkington, - John Simm, - Albert Heaton, - Harry Lovatt, - Stan Simkin, - Norman Riley, Than Chadwick,
Back Row ----- Mort, - Billy Hurst, - Unknown, - Unknown, - George Heavyside, - Sam Smith, - J.P Smith, - Stanley Hulton

Bowling Team 1989

Bowling Team 1989

Back Row Left To Right ----- Roy Garforth, - Opposition ( Smithills Cons), - Opposition ( Smithills Cons), - David Atherton, - Eric Rothwell, - Mike Godfrey,
Middle Row Left To Right ----- Opposition ( Smithills Cons), - John Taylor, - George Heavyside.
Front Row Left To Right ----- Tom Sackville M.P, - Colin Curme (Captain).

Pensioners Party

Pensioners Party

Snooker Table Photo

Snooker Table Photo

Snooker Table Photo

Snooker Table Photo 2

Snooker Table Photo

Snooker table photo 3

Snooker Table Photo

Snooker table photo 4

Darts Team Late 1990's

FRONT Left To Right ----- Ian Boot, & Dave Southern,
- MIDDLE Left To Right ----- Billy Chadwick, & Neil Pimbley,
- BACK Left To Right ----- Terry Davies, & Ian Pimbley,

Although not part of our Club There was another Conservative Club in Westhoughton. It was Situated in Wingates. Tom Newton MBE Kindly let us Put this picture on our Website. The Club was on the second floor over  Hough's barbers shop which is the building on the right hand side.  It occupied the area of the 3 windows, 1 on Church Street and 2 on Manchester Road.

Wingates Conservative Club Around 1920

copyright T Newton.
We Believe this picture is from around The 1920's era.

Wingates Conservative Club came to light when we found out about an Arthur Hamer, Who was presented with a silver topped cane and a case of pipes at the above Club in 1910.